Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AU Innovation forum

In previous posts I have shown you how you can use Citrix to run Revit in the cloud from a mobile device. The topic of the innovation forum is using Revit and other applications and tools in the cloud. For the speakers/panelists, the infinite computing power of the cloud has opened up great potential to do projects they otherwise would not be able to do on conventional high power desktops.
Ken Young from HOK is using a similar citrix system as we have setup, and is having great success on Revit projects.

Autodesk University begins!

Once again I find myself at AU this year! The General session is about to begin....and rumor is that Mark Zuckerberg is somewhere around here and his sister is presenting on the topic of innovation.
Here are some shots from the general session

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wind analysis in Revit

What does one do with an hour of time while the wife is putting the little 18-month old munchkin to sleep? Well explore new Revit apps in unconventional and possibly unsuitable ways, of cousre!
Here's Project Vasari being used to test the wind-wake of a quadcopter armature design.
There's photos and videos through the link.
So a Quadcopter is not exactly the ideal subject for this tool but it gave me the opportunity to test it's ease of use and functionality. What I found was promising but I may have missed where the resultant data could be output to a chart or spreadsheet. Non-graphical data output is critical to the Engineers in my company as they prefer looking at the numbers behind the images and Architects prefer the images. Exploring analysis a little further and on more Architectural subjects, I came across this post which looks at Conceptual energy analysis and CFD. It may be worth a looking at. I have used Green Building Studio and a number of the other tools this describes and have introduced them within the firm. The use of these tools has been limited in house but I can't believe that it's because of their capability. I'm convinced that it's a simple(?) combination of validation, workflow and time issues which are things that can be overcome with a little focus.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Exciting news!

I don’t usually discuss things like this on this blog but in this case I will make an exception. My company, KlingStubbins, is merging with Jacobs Global Buildings! What does this mean for you? I’m not really sure, but for us it is very exciting. It’s a publically traded company so buy stock if you can! This new Revit powerhouse will be making waves!
Here’s the 360+/- degree moment of the big announcement by our CEO Mike Lorenz and Jacobs’s Group VP, Tom McDuffie:
Here’s the press release
You can call us "KlingStubbins Inc. a Jacobs Company"

Ideate Explorer for Revit

We have been using Ideate Explorer for about 4 months now and have been finding it very useful in supporting and troubleshooting projects. It allows you to find lost CAD imports and links, export results to excel, view zone and space information, amongst many other features. There’s a free trial so check it out.