Monday, February 25, 2008

Loft Blendiness

Playing around today with the massing tools in Revit2009 I had 2 hours to burn and I whipped up a fun little building.  This is a combination of a blend loft and various voids. Which then I skinned with wall types and made floors and etc. It's highly suspect whether this is structurally sound but it was more of an exploration of the new loft blend tool.


A view from the front. The plans that this study model generated were very good and brought to mind the complicated task of documenting a building with such an organic form, and the necessity to establish simple math foundation to the form.


Once I arrived at the general form I was shooting for, I stopped and threw on some materials for a few quick renders to see the results. 
Revit is an amazing tool for doing quick studies such as this. What I'm not showing is the additional data that this model provides such as square feet, volume, quantity take-offs and etc.


Monday, February 11, 2008

iRevit remake and Revit 2009

Welcome to iRevit – We're putting up a whole new site to make it easier to post.
I took the old Revit model I did last year and re-rendered it in Revit 2009 last week with a noticeable difference in speed and quality. The gray image is the Revit 2008 and the Color image is from Revit 2009. Check them out:


Revit 2008 Rendering using radiosity, overlayed hidden line and few materials. (this took 12hours +/-)

3D ViewHistoric Photo Match-best with Revit exposure adjusted

The same model rendered quickly in Revit 2009 with the same material and view settings except for the floor. (this took 2 hours)

That's not all you will see from Revit 2009. 
New navigation tools
New massing and form tools
better performance and 
more control over project documentation

We'll be fully back up soon.