Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Revit Standard

The Twittersphere and bloggersphere is igniting over the "Open Revit Standard" I was reading the Knowledgesmart blog whom we are evaluating as a resource for evaluating new hires and staff, and think that their perspective may be shared as well by others. 
I would be interested to hear your thoughts, discussion, and if there’s participation from your companies?
Our 60-year old company is so far sticking firmly to it's belief that the contractor and client care deeply about our unique view titles and section marks and graphic titleblock and lineweights and symbols and so on. And they may be right, who knows. There is the aspect of professional pride in this as well. But as BIM standards go, and in terms of the National BIM standard and the success of the UK National BIM standard, an Open Standard following the form of Wikipedia in my opinion has got legs that can run and run.
It's an interesting concept and far from the proprietary environments of the past. One of the creators of this movement is Dave Fano who is a friend and colleague of mine and a is one of the geniuses behind the Design Reform site and Case Inc.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Revit uniforms

If your office is considering implimenting Revit, make a splash with a Revit outfit like this. If you already are amongst the Revit guru firms, your star Revit team will look like real pros outfitted with these!

There's also a "Revit-Rave" pant with codpiece and shin balls(?) and Revit printed on the ass, made by the same company, for the more extreme Reviteers: