Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vasari 2.5 coming... great new features

Project Vasari's upcoming 2.5 release has some great new features.
Great new push-pull capabilities in modeling, getting closer to sketchup capability. Select a vertical face, and press the space bar to show the alternate gizmo that allow perpendicular extrusion where before you'd only be able to stretch the model out.
We also now have the capability of editing/modeling in perspective views with 99% of the functionality of the ISO 3D view. This has added a new type of 3D view called Vasari 3D. When you open the file in Revit 2012, the view will be there but Revit will not have this capability. On returning to Vasari the perspective editing capability returns.
Also you'll see some good improvement to the autozoning capabilities, providing better accuracy and better courtyard zoning.

Keep checking ProjectVasari.com for the release date.
David Light's got a great breakdown of the new additions here: