Friday, November 4, 2011

Wind analysis in Revit

What does one do with an hour of time while the wife is putting the little 18-month old munchkin to sleep? Well explore new Revit apps in unconventional and possibly unsuitable ways, of cousre!
Here's Project Vasari being used to test the wind-wake of a quadcopter armature design.
There's photos and videos through the link.
So a Quadcopter is not exactly the ideal subject for this tool but it gave me the opportunity to test it's ease of use and functionality. What I found was promising but I may have missed where the resultant data could be output to a chart or spreadsheet. Non-graphical data output is critical to the Engineers in my company as they prefer looking at the numbers behind the images and Architects prefer the images. Exploring analysis a little further and on more Architectural subjects, I came across this post which looks at Conceptual energy analysis and CFD. It may be worth a looking at. I have used Green Building Studio and a number of the other tools this describes and have introduced them within the firm. The use of these tools has been limited in house but I can't believe that it's because of their capability. I'm convinced that it's a simple(?) combination of validation, workflow and time issues which are things that can be overcome with a little focus.

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