Thursday, January 28, 2010

Revit As-Built Models?

I was reading a friend's blog post (bim)x: not doing so bad, looking for information on BIM As-built models. We are seeing requests for as-Built models on our projects. For non-IPD projects, the unresolved question is ‘what is the best arrangement for the creation of an as-built model?’ Should the Architect(the original MEA) do it? The Contractor? AsBuilt In the article Andy sees the as-built model as a possibility in the distant future. The article is from 2006 and we are in the not-to-distant future. This reality is forming now but questions remain. The important considerations with as-built BIMs as I see it are as follows:

  1. Indemnification
  2. What’s it going to be used for?
  3. The Level of Detail required of the as-builts(does it include every stud,hanger, fixture, etc.)
  4. Accuracy(Are elements required to be modeled within some measured tolerance?)
  5. How does the party responsible for producing the as-built model acquire the information of the constructed elements?
  6. Is the as-built simply a modeled record of the field-sketches and change-orders done by the Architect?
  7. Is it a joint effort between Architect and Contractor and how do they work together?
  8. Is the as-built an in-the-field monitored & modified BIM?
  9. What does this cost the responsible party - a full-time Reviteer?
  10. Does the as-built require product-specific data(light-bulb type & wattage, and motor model#'s url's and specs)?
  11. If it's a Contractor-produced/modified model, does the construction phasing remain in the model or does it get scrubbed out(and what does this cost us)?
  12. Response time(how quickly is the model updated)?
  13. What else?

These questions are a matter of project-specific requirements and client-contractor-architect relationships. These aren’t all the questions just one’s that come to mind. If you have more, or experience in as-builts, your comments are appreciated.


Craig Barbieri