Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finally - A tablet large enough to mark-up drawings in a somewhat practical manner

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Recently Dell introduced the largest tablet available to the consumer market, the XPS18. This tablet has a screen size of about 1'-6" diagonally [note that the iPad is a mere 9.7"]
It makes for a great markup tablet because it runs full-blown windows, which means you can install Bluebeam, or Design Review or any other Windows-based software for that matter. It's a "capacitive touch" display which means you can use your fingers or a capacitive pen (one of those squishy-ended numbers) and of course the on-screen keyboard. Not all applications support multi-touch yet but I know that the latest release of Bluebeam does.
Click here to see it at Dell
Here's a pic showing hands as scale reference

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tell them what you think

Craig Barbieri here with another opportunity for you to win cold hard cash by being opinionated. Autodesk wants to know what you think of the energy analysis output from Revit.
Does it give you valuable information you can use to make early design decisions? Click here: