Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Revit 2016 Autodesk Raytracer: Rendered sections can include poche

Autodesk Raytracer render engine with Objects Styles "Cut" poche override

Mental Ray render engine with same Objects Styles override settings
Recently I was generating some marketing images of a specific project and thought I'd try the new render engine that Autodesk has added to Revit, the "Autodesk Raytracer". In the process I discovered something ...That the cut-poche overides in Object Styles are reflected in the rendering with this engine. Note the two renderings above. One is Mental Ray and the other is Autodesk Raytracer and both have essentially the same settings. This makes generating cool marketing and presentation images so much easier! Thank you, Autodesk. Strangely enough though is that the Autodesk-cloud-rendered images use still another render engine that does not reproduce this nice feature.