Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Revit Technology Conference–RTC 2012 Georgia

Browsing the speakers list for the upcoming Revit Technology Conference next week, I came across an intriguing individual. His description reads as follows:
Mortimer VunderbightPhil_Read_RTC12
Project Sauron Inc
At the prompting of his mother, Mortimer has been designing Evil Lairs since childhood and hoped to pursue a career in Architecture while attending Eton College. However, the University of Cambridge was busy turning out one architectural hack after another, so Mort turned to technology. Mort's PhD thesis on "The Monetization of Playful Kittens" drew scorn from all except one professor Dr. LaM, who convinced Mort to post his findings on the professor's new (yet struggling) web video venture. The You Tube phenomena was immediately born, making both men each more rich than the Queen. Mort is the Director of BIM/VDC for Dr. LaM and Project Sauron.
Though the picture’s file name is Phil_Read_RTC12.jpg, I know Phil and he does not wear turquois turtle necks. I consulted my personal clown and friend Googlestein for some insight into this speaker. He came across this post on Augi.  It provides a Twitter handle that has some fantastic Revit projects that “Mort” has worked on… 
AXJsiooCQAEFzrp.png large
Look a little further and you’ll find what is presumably his current and/or future lair project location in the Marquesas Islands. From the satellite imagery it appears like the project is under construction but a cloaking technology is active fooling the satellites as you might expect. Luckily enough, you can see some of the Revit work on Mort’s YouTube channel.
If you read to the end of the Augi post, it appears that I am a little behind the times with the following of Mort. Never the less, I hope to hear more from him, especially of his lair and ship designs. I would also love to see the structural analysis of that stair.
Dr. LAM a.k.a. Reginald Snoddgrass IV is still a mystery…

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