Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You, an iRevit contributor

Clearly, being an international Revit-man of mystery doesn't leave much time for providing you with Revit recipes for greatness or otherwise. It makes sense to this humble institution to search for additional blog contributors. If you are interested in contributing and helping other Reviteers with tips, tricks, fun facts, and the like, then contact me. Compensation is an astounding amount of personal growth and maybe even a sense of accomplishment, which is priceless.



antman said...

I've recently started my own blog. It's very new and much of it is a work in progress.

I have added your blog to my blogroll, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to inform me if you'd rather I not provide the link.

Anthony Mason

craig barbieri said...

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the heads up and for including me ion your site list. I'll do the same for you. My list is due for a spring cleaning.
Happy New Year.