Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Step further into the Future

This is not a Revit related post, at least not yet, but I felt it drives home a point, which is that our future as Architects and Designers will be very different to what we have known for the past 20 to 5000 years+/-.

The rate of change in the tools we use is accelerating and the current methods of designing and documenting a design through the disconnection of a mouse may well change back to a much more active, interactive and immersive method. I say change 'back' because many of us learned Architecture when the pencil and ink were still commonly used in documentation; a method where one's whole body was enlisted.

Obscura's Visionaire, (the first video below) an adaptation of haptic interface technology, is another amazing development in the burgeoning user interface revolution. I'm sure most of you will agree that this technology doesn't lend itself well to measured documentation, or even measured Building Information Modeling, yet. Imagine standing all day long as you dance around your van-sized monitor, designing and building your model! We would get a great workout at work! But in the next 5-15 years some talented software/hardware developer will redefine the methods with which we design.


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