Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revit 2012 Viewer

Revit 2012 has a "Viewer mode" which is a method to enable the Revit-savvy Architects, Engineers, or Revit Illiterates access to explore a Revit model without any chance of effecting the Central file or production in the model. It is installed when you install the full version of Revit and accessed from the Windows Start menu program list.

The viewer allows all standard functionality of Revit but:
  • You can't save or save as,
  • You can't export or publish views/models *if you make any changes, but can export certain formats if no changes are made.
  • You can't Print *if you make any changes, but can print if no changes are made.
  • You can't edit elements in a workshared file, but you can if you open 'detached'.
In our office we use Navisworks Freedom for Project Leaders to review models. The difference between this and Navisworks freedom is that this is Revit and the model sizes we often create require higher levels of computer hardware to open, whereas Navisworks Freedom does not have high hardware requirements. Also, Navis. Freedom is far simpler and easier to use for the average Project Leader.
When you use the viewer to open up a workshared central file, Revit viewer mode uses a read-only method to lock you out of the central file preventing any and all ownership of elements, but still allows you reload latest, and therefore, monitor changes.
What is this Revit viewer useful for?
  1. Reviewing models real-time, without fear of accidentally obtaining ownership of building elements
  2. Checking the file History
  3. Viewing coordination issues and running Interference checks
  4. Walking through models without fear of accidentally obtaining ownership of building elements
The viewer does does not pull a license so keep that in mind if you use it.

Update: The commenter is correct that the viewer is not supposed to pull a license. I talked with the Revit platform manager about it. Viewer mode is re-titled Demo mode which you may have come across when you lose a license or went beyond the trial period.


Jeremy said...

Using revit 2012 as a viewer should NOT pull a license.

craig said...

The license information shows up in the 'about' link and therefore I assume it is pulling the license. I did not confirm this though using a license utility. Can anyone verify?
Are u at the factory Jeremy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I did not know this program was on my computer.